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Wet n Stick® FAQs

Is Wet n Stick® lighter in weight or thinner than standard paper joint tape?

No, actually Wet n Stick® is the exact same basis weight with the same manufacturing specifications as standard joint tape paper. In fact, it has added features.

Is Wet n Stick® stronger than regular joint paper tape?

Yes, the adhesive adds to the tensile strength of the tape upon drying.

After applying to joint, how long before I can apply mud coat to the Wet n Stick® tape.

Generally within an hour.

Can you apply Wet n Stick® over previously painted surfaces?

Flat Latex or low luster paint for patching is fine; however, it is extremely important to have the tape completely dry prior to coating.

Can Wet n Stick®, once dry be re activated with water and re-positioned?

No. Wet n Stick®, once applied and dried will not delaminate.

Are there any special tools needed to install Wet n Stick®?

For installing Wet N Stick over flat joints the answer is no, however we recommend using an inside corner roller (Ames, Tapetech, etc.) when installing Wet n Stick® into a 90° inside corner.

Can I use water I clean my tools in to install Wet n Stick®?

NO. Install Wet n Stick® with drinkable water. In some instances, extremely hard or soft water may affect the way the adhesive reacts.

Do you recommend dropping a whole roll of Wet n Stick® into a bucket of water?

We suggest dispensing only as much Wet n Stick® tape into water as needed for immediate application. Professional tapers, those using rolls of tape in a day, have been known to put the entire roll in a bucket of water. In this instance the roll is consumed quickly; (generally a roll can last in water for up to four hours) before the roll has a chance to "block" (water penetrates the edges and begins to seal the roll solid).

How important is tracing with the thumb in applying Wet n Stick®? Why?

We have found that this procedure insures that the tape make the most contact. When the tape is stretched tight over the joint it gives the tape an opportunity to bubble or blister because it does not get a chance to settle into the joint; it needs to lie over the joint. By running a thumb or finger over the joint, then pressing the paper, you are insuring full contact made to every piece of the wallboard the tape covers. Remember, as Wet n Stick® is drying, it shrinks in unison with the wallboard paper; while at the same time the activated adhesive blends into the face paper completely once dry.

Do I need to pre-fill wallboard spaces prior to using Wet n Stick®?

We recommend that gaps that are more than 3/16" be backfilled prior to tape application.

Can I apply Wet n Stick® to compound filled joints?


Can I apply Wet n Stick® to compound filled joints before they dry?

Yes, applied correctly it performs in this manner just like regular joint tape, but with superior bond.

Can I use Wet n Stick® to repair cracks?

Yes, Wet n Stick is ideal for crack repairs due to bond and quick dry time, for the same reason Wet n Stick® is perfect for punch list items.

How many coats of compound do I need when taping with Wet n Stick® versus paper tape?

The same standard finishing process applying to standard tape applies to Wet n Stick®.

I see a slight reveal down the center of the joints, what caused this?

Frequently this will happen if only two finish coats applied to the joints. Elimination is by an application of a third tight skim coat over the joint.

How long do I have once I have strung Wet n Stick® tape to make sure it is fully in contact with the wallboard?

It is extremely important that Wet n Stick® is pressed into place as it is being applied making sure that it fully contacts the wallboard surface.

I used Wet n Stick® joint tape, after the job was complete; I noticed what looked like a bubble in the tape, how do I fix it?

This can occur if a spot or area did not make full contact. Take a utility knife and lance one side of the bubble. Next, take a saturated sponge and fully wet the underside of this area. Press firmly back into place with your fingers; making sure area is completely dry before coating.

Can you wet the wallboard with a sponge and then apply Wet n Stick®?

We do not recommend this application method.

Is there an applicator that must be used with the product?

No, a tub of clean water is all you need, however there is one designed specifically for Wet n Stick® by Can Am Tools that is being distributed by Grabber Construction Products (www.grabberman.com).


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